From Hull to Dundee

Been awake a few times, not sure why. also misunderstood the reception regarding breakfast (was way later than i thought). AWESOME BREAKFAST! it was a buffet, and so well organised, it could be an army diner. after diner, i collected my key (it was kept save by the staff due to weapon dangers), and went back to the car.

big plus about the location was that i had to park somewhere special, which meant that i could leave as one of the first cars.

something i noticed when i was on the ship (i wanted to know the speed of the ship) was that my SD card, and so, my navigation died on me.

thank god i printed out the route to Dundee. it was still hard to navigate, because you can’t read the map and watch the road on the same time.

the trip was great. the longer i drove up north, the better the view went (might have been a bit bias, because more north == closer to “home”).

the last few miles, i turned on my mobile internet to make sure that i could find the location.

so, even with the small detour due to taking a wrong turn, i found the room!

and the door stayed closed… i was to early, and i also received a message saying that i should let her know when i arrived.

and the room is very nice. it has a shared garden, a nice shower and a working kitchen. what else could you ask for?


Off to Hull

Not take by me

Not take by me

Ooh and i am off! full sails away! ooh wait, its a ferry, not a sailing boat.

July 17th 2016, i leave the house, and i am off to Hull. Entering the boat was a bit of a trick. Since i play airsoft, and i wanted to take my replica’s with me, i was questioned by the border patrol. i felt like a criminal, but it is logical. better save than sorry.

i never been on a ship this big. the bunk was nice, and the ship was really stable.

On board, there was live entertainment. not my kind of cookie, but it brought a smile on my face.

during the trip, the micro SD card in my phone died, so there are no photos on board.